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Joanne Carlton (Principal Lawyer)

Joanne joined MVLS in October 2018. Prior to joining MVLS she was employed for twelve years with at Northern Community Legal Centre (previously known as Broadmeadows Community Legal Centre). For eight of those years she was Principal Lawyer. Joanne also has experience as an intellectual property lawyer and was a volunteer member of the Board of Management for Broadmeadows Community Legal Centre. Joanne has a wide range of experience as a generalist lawyer and family lawyer. She has a passion for helping people understand the law and for mentoring junior lawyers.

Anita Khodher (Lawyer)

Anita commenced with us in August 2017. She is an experienced generalist lawyer with passion for assisting the most vulnerable people in our community. Her expertise and passion drive here to achieve the best possible outcome for her clients. She is dedicated to empowering the community by providing Community Legal Education in a wide range of legal topics. Anita works on a part-time basis.

Luci Williams (Lawyer)

Luci joined the team in 2022 and is our Family Law and Family Violence lawyer. Luci has a passion for family law and family violence and is committed to empowering members of the community. 

Brian Burton (Lawyer)

Brian joined the MVLS team in October 2018 as a Generalist lawyer.  Brian has developed our Victims of Crime practice within the service, assisting victims of violence to recover and move on from the effects of that violence.  Brian has a background in litigation and criminal law, and also has experience as a community lawyer.

Darren Boon (Lawyer) 

Katia Lallo (Community Legal Education Lawyer)

Katia is our Community Legal Education Lawyer focussing on developing our CLE programming, partnerships and advocacy work. She comes with an extensive history working at both Darebin Legal Service and Springvale Monash Legal Service and has worked on projects such as the School Lawyer Program and as an advocate for people incarcerated in Victorian prisons.

Gary Sullivan (Lawyer)

After many decades of service to the the community legal sector, Gary has retired in 2022. MVLS has been blessed to have him as our senior criminal lawyer- a passionate practitioner and an experienced litigator with a strong sense of community justice. 

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